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The ministries at Freedom Church strengthen the entire family and reach out to our community according to the gifts that God has given each of us. Whatever your talents or interests may be, there’s a ministry at Freedom that needs you. Ministry Groups at Freedom are designed to give you a close and personal network of support while building your relationship with God  

"Freedom Worship X"
Worship & Arts Ministry

Worship at Freedom Church is more than music, more than a gathering, more than brief moments together in a service. Worship at Freedom is a lifestyle that is lived out in spirit and truth with every opportunity presented.


Worship is more than just something we do. It is an attitude that we carry with us day by day, an attitude of genuine praise to God. It is fueled by corporate worship, the times we gather together.

We are seeking to build one of the most dynamic Music & Worship Ministries in the City of Houston. From our littlest ones to preteens, students and adults, we weave the true meaning of worship in every area.

There are opportunities for everyone in the Music & Worship Ministry of The Freedom Church.

If you desire to help lead the church in praise, then join the Freedom Worship X!

If you are a musician, we can use your gifts as a member of the Freedom Church Band!

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